Biotechnology for everyone. New corporate alliance between Levapan and Protécnica Ingeniería.

Protécnica Ingeniería and Levapan join forces to distribute and commercialize bioingredients in the animal and plant nutrition and plant protection sectors, generating comprehensive and sustainable growth in the market.

We are pleased to present the new strategic alliance with LEVAPAN, a multilateral company of Colombian origin, with more than 60 years of production and commercialization of quality ingredients, products, and services for the food nutrition sectors.

This new alliance will complement the company’s portfolio of specialties with biotechnological products that respond to recent global trends in the consumption of organic and non-genetically modified (GMO) products, aimed primarily at industries interested in replacing synthetic ingredients with natural alternatives.



Protécnica Ingeniería will distribute and commercialize the bio ingredients manufactured by Levapan in the animal and plant nutrition and plant protection sectors. We are generating comprehensive and sustainable growth in the market, delivering a value offer through thorough technical and commercial assistance from specialized personnel, excellent, efficient customer service, and logistics processes.

With this association, Levapan seeks to enter these sectors in critical countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Central America, and the Caribbean, where Protécnica Ingeniería currently has a distribution and participation network.

Bio ingredients Portfolio:

  • Yeasts: inactive and active yeasts that act as a natural source of protein, organic minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and prebiotics that help improve nutrient absorption.
  • Proteins: Yeast extracts and hydrolyzed vegetable protein provide free amino acids, nucleotides, and other essential nutrients for the nutrition and protection of animals and plants.
  • Bioactive: Derivatives of primary baker’s yeast provide mannan oligosaccharides and glucan.

For additional information about this alliance and product portfolio, please fill out the following form, and we will get in touch.

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